Nicole Murphy combines thorough medical research with her own supportive insights from her experiences as a mother of a child with Hirschsprung’s disease.  As a high school science teacher and a mom, she knows the importance of accurate and helpful information for parents.  It is the author’s hope that what she has learned through her experiences will help others to better understand this complex and frightening disease.  

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"This book will be a great service to moms and dads who want to be informed. The books will also be a great source for Pediatric Residents and Pediatric Surgery Residents learning about Hirschsprung's Disease. It is always important to personalize the learning which you have nicely done with Kellen's challenge with this disease."

Dr. Allen Merritt (Professor of Pediatrics/ Neonatology, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital)

"Thanks for the book, very useful and a lot of info that I didn't know about HD. A good resource to help me understand HD and better care for my little boy. A very good purchase, thanks again!”

Lindsey Brown