Many interesting and helpful topics are covered in Hirschsprung's Disease - Solving the Puzzle. The book is in manual format with pictures to help explain each of the following areas:  

• Kellen's Story         
• What is Hirschsprung's Disease? 
• History of HD     
• Symptoms of HD      
• HD & the Digestive System  
• HD & the Nervous System
• Causes of HD  
• Diagnosis of HD 
• Types of HD         
• Operations for HD        
• What to Expect after the Operation        
• Dilatation & Irrigation Guidelines      
• Diaper Rash after a Pull-Through & how to prevent it
• Hirschsprung's Associated Enterocolitis (HAEC)
• Problems with Defecation after Surgery for HD
• Preventing Constipation in the child with HD
• HD & Laxatives
• Probiotics & Hirschsprung's Disease
• HD & Decreased Immunity
• HD & Gastroenteritis
• Genetics & HD          
• HD & My Son Kellen
• Guidelines for caring for your ill child
• Further testing & HD
• Stoma care tips
• Mickey button care
• Total parenteral nutrition
• TPN line care
• Syndromes associated with HD
• Isolated anomalies & HD
• Bowel Management & HD
• Helpful Websites

Nicole......“I am so happy to have read your book. My son is 10 months old now; he has a one stage Soave/Swenson pull through at age day 5. I was induced the day after my due date because of his size 8lb. 8oz. at birth and I feel that saved him from having an ostomy and second surgery. Your book helped my husband’s parents understand the disease. They are of an older generation and you were able to explain things in a simpler way than the Doctors did to them. Also when m son got sick this past winter I used the information in it to keep him well hydrated for a quicker recovery. I highly recommend your book to everyone I talk to, even my son's pediatrician.” 

Rebekah McLaughlin 

"Thank you so much for the wonderful book. I received last night, and read all of it in 2 hours! What a fantastic job...I just wanted to give you a big hug for sharing your story and all of the information you have gathered along the way. Reading your story truly touched me and brought tears to my eyes! But knowing that my little Charlie will probably go onto have a strong and healthy life is so reassuring!!!" Thanks again from the bottom of my heart... 


“I Received my book in the mail on Friday...have already read several chapters. Thank you for all your hard work! I can't wait to pass it on to my family to read after I finish it.” 

Melanie Ferguson Cook 

"This book will be a great service to moms and dads who want to be informed. The books will also be a great source for Pediatric Residents and Pediatric Surgery Residents learning about Hirschsprung's Disease. It is always important to personalize the learning which you have nicely done with Kellen's challenge with this disease."

Dr. Allen Merritt (Professor of Pediatrics/ Neonatology, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital)

“I am so glad I found this page! I have been looking for this book for months!!! I sit right now in Childrens’ Hospital with my 7yr old son who was diagnosis with HD in April of 09. We have now had 17 surgeries, which were unsuccessful-- 2 colostomies and many others. My son has developed entercolitis 8 times, which is what we are in for now. Never in a million years did I imagine the road would be this hard and long. Luke is a trooper. I thank you so much for sharing your story with us. This road can be so lonely and trying. God Bless!”

Kayla Galloway

"Thanks for the book, very useful and a lot of info that I didn't know about HD. A good resource to help me understand HD and better care for my little boy. A very good purchase, thanks again!”

Lindsey Brown